Many great launches have failed due to a poor organisation. When you start to prepare for your product launch, it feels like a nuclear bomb has just exploded in your head. There is so much to do, so much to think about. Something, anything, can get missed. Thankfully, there are so many tools out there to help for this purpose. From creating and keeping your tasks organised to setting up your auto responders. I´ve pulled together a list of six tools will help you.

Active Campaign – Email campaigns create top of the mind awareness and gets your leads/prospects excited about your launch. A good, robust system is need to ensure that all your auto responders and newsletters are set up and automated. I absolutely love Active Campaign for this. Similar to Infusionsoft, it allows you to tag your customers based on the actions they take. It has ready made campaign flow templates so it easy for you to create a seamless flow for your leads and customers.

Google Analytics – A good marketing campaign is not complete without tracking in-depth analytics throughout the process. This tool helps to generate accurate statistics about the traffic on a website and where each of these visitors comes from; it also measures conversions and sales. This will help you monitor the type of people who visit your website and how to plan your product launch to suit them.

Trello – Everyone needs to get organised, right? Trello is an extremely visual (free), online collaboration and project management tool. You can even access it on the go with their iOS and Android apps. You can create boards for your lanch with lists and tasks for each key phase of your launch and set priorities.

Evernote – if you’re planning a product launch, this tool will help your team to capture, store and synchronize your work across multiple devices. Its shared notebook works like a mobile shared folder where every member can collaborate and monitor milestones achieved with the marketing campaign. To keep things organized, the reminders feature comes in handy to pin your most-used notes and key documents.

Leadpages – Landing pages are essential for marketing campaigns when launching a new product. This powerful tool helps to build high conversion and responsive landing pages to execute your marketing campaigns and focus your customer’s attention on the actual products and services you want them to see. What I love about Leadpages is that it fully integrates with your WordPress website through a plugin. You can simply create your Optin Page or Sales Page in Leadpages, integrate with your website and you will have a URL that will match your site.

Wishlist Member – is a powerful membership site software that will turn your WordPress site into a complete membership site. You can have unlimited membership levels, create free trials and paid membership levels. Sequential delivery of your content. You can integrate easily with your shopping cart and best of all….. It is fully automated.

With these simple tools, you are guaranteed to have an effective product launch; keep track of your customers and monitor your product sales.

I´d love to know what tools you use for your product launches?