Customers are the bread and butter of any business, without them your business can´t successfully function. It is important to understand your customers, not just what they have bought from you but so much more. So, how well do you know your customers?

Do you know where they are coming from?

The introduction of social media has changed the way we interact with our customers. No longer do we post in newspapers and magazines, then receive a call when they´re interested, or a visit to our shop. Now they can be on numerous social media platforms, with newspapers and magazines become a thing of the past. They are watching videos on Snapchat, looking for party ideas on Pinterest or even sharing an update with their friends on Facebook instead.

Are you where they are? Online presence is essential for your business to be found now, but not just on any platform. You need to be on the social media platforms that your customers are on. Do a little research and find out which social media platform matches your customers, and where they are looking for what you have to offer. There is no reason to waste time building your Twitter following if your customers are interacting on Instagram.

Are you talking the same language?

I do not mean language such as French or English, what I mean is languages such as informal or formal. If you are selling to high end clients and business individuals, then you need to speak in a way they will appreciate. Use terms that resonate with them. Interactions on LinkedIn is a good place to get used to the language used in a more formal setting. Many of the interactions are business based, with terminology that business owners will understand.

If you are selling something fun let your tone and language get this across to your customers. Instagram, Facebook and SnapChat are the perfect platforms for such interactions with clients. Speaking the same language your customer uses will attract the correct customer and leave a lasting impression with them.

Feedback, focus on the positive side and the data it provides

The best way to understand your customers is to listen to their feedback. Too many businesses focus on the negative feedback in order to improve services. It is advised more often than not how to react to negative feedback and the impact negativity will have on your business, but what about the positive feedback?

Loyal customers are more likely to leave positive feedback, and it is that positive feedback that attracts more customers. Positive feedback can be obtained through feedback forms, reviews, even analytics of your social media platforms and website. You maybe advertising to stay at home mums but discovering the ones paying attention to your products are actually working mums. Or offering your services to start up businesses in London, yet you find more and more established business in Chelmsford are visiting your website. Paying close attention to the feedback provided can help you better understand the customers you are actually attracting rather than the ones you think would benefit from your product or services.

Paying close attention to all these points provide you with so much data you can use to learn more about your customers. Understanding the data is one thing, but creating an action plan for that data is essential to improving your product/service or the way you market it. It is also increases your brand value, giving your customers the satisfaction that you know how to service their needs.

The more you know your customer the more you can tailor your products, or services, to their needs and let them know you are the go to problem solver. In turn this will increase awareness of your brand in the market. If you are still struggling then start from scratch with the above points and take your time working through each step of analysing your customer data.