When you start talking about your launch, what comes to mind is usually the right tools to use, the best marketing strategies, campaign adverts and how to target the right customers. The truth is your product launch may not go smoothly without first getting some form of clarity – it is that aspect of the launch that most programs, courses or tips don’t really talk about. Clarity about your product is critical to your success; without it, you will waste time, effort, and money.

The first thing you should do is have a conversation with someone who knows you and understands your business. While seeking clarity, it is very important to choose the right person to talk to; it should be someone you can trust and can be accountable to – someone who can ask you the right questions and let you express yourself without judgement. This could be your coach, mentor, business partner or a good friend.

This conversation will focus on critical questions that will generate succinct and passionate answers which flow to a natural conversation. Such questions include:

  1. What product are you launching?
  2. Does it appeal to your target customers?
  3. How did you know they want this product?
  4. Do you have a set date for your launch?
  5. Who are your competitors and what advantage do they have?
  6. Finally, how do you plan to differentiate your product in order to beat the competition?

The energy and passion that exudes from you when you talk about your business speaks volumes and will help you with clarity if you are on the right track.

Another way to achieve this is to remember your vision – the main reason why you have created this awesome product or service and what your customers stand to benefit. Revisit the underlying belief behind it; ask yourself, ‘why am I doing this; remind yourself about the steps it took you to achieve this milestone.

My 3 steps to gaining clarity

Step 1: Pick a clear angle

This is something that is easy for you to talk about; it shows the actual reason why you are launching the product. This angle could be a personal life event or relating to an industry change; basically, anything you can think about as the motivating factor or driving force towards the product launch is okay. There is no wrong answer…you just have to be very clear as to why you want to do this.

Step 2: Explore Your Big ‘Why’

Now you have a visible angle and ready to set your sail; before you do, you need to probe further because there is another greater reason why your product exists.

Exploring the reason why you created the product gives your launch depth and high standards. Famous TED talk expert, Simon Sinek’s states that “People don’t remember what you do; they remember why you do it”.

For example, if your time of the year is the lesser reason for launching, your deeper why is that you know that this time of the year will generate a demand in the market that your product could help people to solve.

Step 3: Don’t Break the Thread

Finally, the missing piece of the puzzle is understanding when to talk about the sensitive part of your product and when to go the hard way. Here, emotional intelligence comes into play because it is not a walk in the park to strike a balance between emotions, logistics, and practical reasons for someone to pay attention to what you’re offering.

Understanding your customers is key to understanding when the thread is strong or weak or does not exist at all. This step is a gradual process and if your “why” or motivating factor is strong enough, you’ll naturally get better over time.